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Whether you’re in need of dental cleaning or more advanced services, the team at Clear Smiles is ready to help you achieve your best and brightest smile!

Dental Cleaning/Hygiene

Your smile is invaluable. It reflects your personality before you’ve even begun talking.

Receiving dental cleaning can help prevent oral issues such as tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease. Having your teeth cleaned by a dental professional at Clear Smiles is the only way you can remove plaque and tartar buildup. The buildup of plaque and tartar is the leading cause of tooth decay.

It is recommended to receive a dental cleaning once every six months to achieve optimum oral health. Contact our dental clinic to request an appointment today! Our hygiene team is passionate about what they do and are happy to help you keep your smile healthy.


Root Canal (Endodontic Therapy)

If you have a bad toothache that just won’t go away, then it’s likely that it has developed an infection in the dental pulp, a small bit of soft tissue located at the center of each tooth that contains sensitive nerves. Root canal therapy is able to repair teeth with this kind of damage and quickly relieve the associated pain, all while causing a patient virtually no discomfort (despite what you may have seen in movies or on TV). If you’re ready to live a life without dental pain, then a root canal might be exactly what you need. When you come to see us, we’ll give you a quick exam, and if we determine that you could benefit from a root canal, the procedure will follow a few basic steps:

  • Your tooth and surrounding area will be numbed with local anesthetic.
  • Your dentist will create a small hole in the enamel so they can access the infected pulp.
  • The pulp will be removed, and then the inside of the tooth will be cleaned and filled.
  • A temporary restoration will be placed on the tooth, and at a followup appointment, you’ll receive a brand-new crown.

The pain often associated with root canals stems from infection. After undergoing a root canal, your tooth will feel a little tender, but it will be much better than when you came to see us! Within a few days, you’ll feel like nothing was ever wrong with your tooth, and it will look and function like normal for many years to come.

Sleep Apnea Treatment

Our experienced team at Clear Smiles Dental offer our patients the latest appliances utilizing advanced technology. Snoring happens due to obstructed air movement resulting in sometimes loud sounds during sleep. It is also the primary symptom of obstructive sleep apnea. Although episodes of choking or gasping for air might occur hundreds of times throughout the night, you may not remember it happened. Usually it is another person who notices that a person is struggling to breathe. If left untreated, this common disorder can be life-threatening.

Full And Partial Dentures

Missing multiple teeth? You can improve upon your appearance with full or partial dentures.


A denture is a removable appliance that is used to replace multiple missing teeth. It not only improves one’s appearance but enhances quality of life.

There are two different types of dentures:

Full Dentures: Or complete dentures replace all the teeth in an entire arch. They are held in by means of suction, denture adhesive or implant attachment.

Partial Dentures: Used to replace missing teeth using other existing teeth as anchorage. Metal clasps hold the partial denture in place. Over time dentures will need the clasps tightened or to be relined due to natural changes in the oral cavity.A regular visit to the dentist for an examination of the oral tissue is still important.



Whether you’re grinding your teeth at night or playing an active sport, there are times when a well-fitted dental appliance is vitally important to protect the integrity of your teeth.

Night guards are used to counteract the effects of sleep bruxism. While just about everybody grinds their teeth to some degree, those who do so in their sleep tend to create more significant issues. When people are awake, they can take note of their jaw pain, or the sound of teeth grinding together, and release the tension. At night, people are often unaware of the damage they’re inflicting on their own teeth.

If you suspect you grind your teeth at night, but are not sure, Clear Smiles Dental can evaluate your teeth to check for signs of damage. For the more athletically inclined, a different kind of mouthguard is appropriate. Injuries to the lips, cheeks and gums can be a painful source of irritation, and a broken tooth is something best avoided. For both night guards and mouthguards, your best bet is a professionally fitted appliance. If you want to be fitted for a night guard or mouth guard, contact us today at: (954) 505-3269

Emergency Dental Care

Accidents happen, especially with families and kids. At Clear Smiles Dental, we offer emergency dental services and can often take care of you the day you call. We offer flexible schedules, including evenings and weekends. If you require urgent attention, please call us immediately for support.


Severe tooth pain, a full or partial dislodged tooth, or physical trauma to the mouth can all be considered dental emergencies, among many other incidents. These events can happen when you least expect them to. When you need dental attention immediately, call our offices. Our experienced dentists and friendly staff are here to help you no matter what the situation is. We can even provide you with support over the phone. Call us today!

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