Innovative Treatment Plans For Smiles Of Any Age!

For most patients, straight teeth equal a beautiful smile. But did you know that a properly aligned bite is also healthier? Overlapped, crooked, or rotated teeth create a daily cleaning challenge. Helping even a couple straggling teeth find their proper place can leave you with a healthier mouth.

Straight teeth aren’t just for kids! Adults often make the most dedicated orthodontic patients, and it’s never too late to discuss the options for a bright, straight smile. If you’re not sure traditional braces are for you, don’t worry. Invisible methods can work extremely well in many cases, and our doctors can help you explore the options.


Clear Aligners

Have you ever thought about having straight teeth but don’t like the idea of walking around with wires and brackets?


Clear aligners are plastic-based, transparent, flexible, and easy to wear orthodontic devices. At Clear Smiles Dental, our clear aligners aim to straighten and align your teeth conveniently and discretely. Clear aligners offer many benefits that other alternatives do not:

  • Transparent in appearance and unnoticeable  in public
  • Easy to wear and remove so you can brush and floss normally
  • Convenient and less painful than traditional bracesFlexible and molded specially to the shape of your teeth
  • A custom number of aligners to straighten and align teeth gradually


Standard braces are made of either metal or ceramic and have been used for decades to straighten teeth. Recent advances in orthodontic treatments have resulted in braces that are less visible, more comfortable and easier to maintain.


Braces apply continuous pressure to the teeth over a period of time, slowly moving them into their new, corrected positions. As pressure is applied and the teeth move, the bone changes shape to accommodate the new positions of the teeth.

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