Advanced Technology

State Of The Art Technology For Your Smile

Providing excellent dental care through state-of-the-art technology combined with skilled techniques to enhance your treatment, helps our patients achieve their oral health goals.

Laser-Assisted Dentistry:

Innovations in laser technology allow us to enhance your comfort as well as the quality and outcome of many popular oral treatments. In many cases, laser dentistry can reduce or eliminate the need for intimidating dental equipment—including needles—and the amount of anesthetic necessary to complete a procedure, which may also diminish the recovery time following an invasive technique.

Our team uses Epic Laser Dentistry, one of the most advanced treatments available on the market. Epic Dentistry combines focused light and thermal energy for uptime precision while providing a gentle experience for our patients.

In addition to cosmetic enhancements such as gummy smile correction and crown lengthening, our laser technology can also offer improved results over traditional methods when used to identify cavities or perform gum disease therapy. Our experienced periodontist is committed to providing an exceptional patient experience, and utilizing state-of-the-art dental laser technology is one more way we can achieve that goal. 

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Digital Impression

A digital impression is a scan that creates a detailed map of your teeth which allows you and your dentist to view your teeth from every angle on a computer screen. This is much better than trying to use a mirror to look into your mouth or relying on a two-dimensional X-ray.

Digital impressions are captured by a dental assistant, who slowly moves a small wand around the inside of your mouth. As the wand moves, it takes measurements and captures countless small images that are immediately stitched together by the digital impression machine’s software to form a precise map of your mouth. Digital impressions provide many benefits:

  • Comfort: 3-D scanning is often much more comfortable for patients than traditional impressions. Those who have sensitive gag reflexes from having goop in the mouth or teeth that are sensitive to cold material will be able to relax since the impression is all-digital.
  • Quality: Digital impressions limit the margin for error and distortion when compared to traditional impressions. This means that your crown, bridge, or other appliance will fit better in your mouth. When combined with digital X-rays, dental implants are able to be placed in a more ideal position than when relying on X-rays alone.
  • Cost-effective: There is no increase in cost for digital impressions.


You’ve probably heard of a standard CT scan, which stands for “computed tomography”. This medical imaging combines multiple X-ray measurements into virtual “slices” of an object, allowing the physician to see within the object without cutting into it. Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) is a sub-type of this imaging that is optimized for use in fields such as dentistry, orthodontics, oral surgery, and endodontics.

Digital X-rays/Imaging

Digital dental x-rays can improve the quality of your dental care either alone, or along with other scan types. Digital radiography is a type of X-ray imaging. Digital X-ray sensors provide more elevated sensitivity than traditional photographic X-ray film. The result is incredibly detailed computer images of teeth, gums, oral structures and an in-depth view of the mouth.

Single-Visit Crowns CEREC® crowns, inlays and onlays.

CEREC®: CAD/CAM Technology: the Single Visit Dental Crown thanks to the exceptional accuracy of CEREC® technology. This technology allows us to create porcelain restorations that are durable and blend in with your teeth. All of this can be done in one visit! This eliminates the need for temporary or second visits for the same tooth.

We can minimize tooth loss, increase the strength of the tooth and restore the tooth accurately and quickly. Your teeth can be restored back to their original strength in as little as one appointment. You might be wondering, what is CEREC®? We use a special camera to take an optical impression of your teeth which goes straight to a computer. We then design a precise restoration to fit your tooth right before your eyes. The milling unit manufactures the restoration custom matched to the shade of your tooth. We bond it to your tooth and you’re done!

CEREC® allows us to perform complex procedures quickly, precisely, efficiently and with beautiful results.